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Current Transformer (CT) Metering


Panel pre-drilled for CT metering
CT Chassis-Gear Tray
CT Chamber


"It's as easy 1, 2, 3..."

A complete internal Current Transformer (CT) Metering solution.

Now available from Electrical Meter Frames to complement our existing Frame & Panels, pre-drilled specifically for CT metering, are a CT Chamber and Chassis (Gear Tray).


Ordering Information


Frame and Panel
  • EMF 015CTP - 600h x 600w x 150d
  • EMF 017CTP - 900h x 600w x 150d


Chassis (Gear Tray)
  • EMF200 - 200 Amp
  • EMF400 - 400Amp


CT Chamber
  • CTE 100



General Information


Material & Finish

  • Meter Frame & Chamber
    • 1.2mm Zincanneal
    • Powder coated Beige
  • Chassis
    • 1.6mm Zincanneal
    • Powder coated Pearl White


  • Busbar links (mm)
    • 200A - 25 x 6.3
    • 400A - 25 x 6.3
  • Busbar end tags (mm)
    • 200A - 105 x 25 x 6.3
    • 400A - 120 x 40 x 6.3







Meter Frame & Panel Options

There are two standard options available for the metering section:-

  • EMF 015CTP - 600h x 610w x 150d (Panel - 600h x 600w x 6d)
  • EMF 017CTP - 900h x 610w x 150d (Panel - 900h x 600w x 6d)

With both options the panels are pre-drilled specifically for Current Transformer metering as per local standards which includes:-

  • Meter position
  • Test block
  • Fuse box (including 3mm tap for direct fixing of cover)

Each option includes an earth stud and lug. Both items can also be found in the Frame & Panels section on the Products page.

Current Transformer Chassis

Electrical Meter Frames currently have two options for the Current Transformer Chassis (Gear Tray):-

  • 200A (nominal load) -
    • Ordering part number - EMF200
    • Fault Current: NATA tested - 20.5kA for 1 second
    • Dimensions: 420 x 504 (incl tags) x 91

  • 400A (nominal load) -
    • Ordering part number - EMF400
    • Fault Current: NATA tested - 32kA for 1 second
    • Dimensions: 420 x 534 (incl tags) x 103

Note: Due to the increased stresses on the 400A chassis during fault conditions, the following additional strengthening features are included for the EMF400 as determined through rigorous testing.

  • High grade insulator standoffs
  • High tensile bolts for all current carrying components
  • Reinforced channel fitted to bottom fixing of insulators to reduce tray deformation.

Current Transformer Chamber

A standalone chamber desined specifically to house either the EMF200 or the EMF400 chassis.

  • Dimensions - 500h x 720w x 310d
  • Neutral Busbar with M10 cable bolts fitted
  • 3 x 32A HRC CT potential fuse holders and cartridges fitted
  • Removable door
  • Adjustable chrome pintle hinges
  • recessed door handle
  • Welded M8 chassis mounting studs and earth stud
  • Door stay
  • Tamper seal and industry lock facility