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Internal Group Metering

The perfect solution for all your internal group metering requirements. A clever system that can be easily configured to suit individual project requirements from only a handful of different components.

Additionally because it can be stored as a flat pack, and bolted together when required, Electrical Meter Frames can quickly provide you a solution without delays from welding, podwer coating and other traditional construction constraints. The symmetrical design means not only fewer components, but the flexibility to achieve a variety of configurations

The Quick Facts

  • Stored as a flat pack and bolted together to suit all unique projects as required
  • No welding means no delays in construction
  • Complies with Australian State Metering specifications
  • 24 pole DIN facility at the top for outgoing circuit breakers
  • Earth and Neutral bar included
  • Optional back plate for standalone installation
  • 50mm cable gland knockouts provided on all four sides for fast and flexible cable entry/exit options
  • Finished in Beige for a pleasant neutral appearance
  • Meter insulating panels comply with AS1795 and are prepared by Electrical Meter Frames as required
  • Anti-Tamper seal facility for both meter panels and escutcheon plates
  • All components are RoHS compliant




Enclosure Options

  • Width for all size options - 625mm
  • Depth for all size options - 165mm
  • Height Options
    • 975mm
    • 1300mm
    • 1625mm
    • 1950mm

Panel Option

  • 600h x 600w
  • 900h x 600w