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Quality Products

At Electrical Meter Frames we have a commitment to exceptional customer service and we believe that products of the highest quality are paramount to achieving this.

Whether it's products we produce, or products sourced from third party suppliers, we maintain the same approach to quality at all times.

Electrical Meter Frames offer a variety of switchboard and Metering products, below is a brief description of each category with links to each particular section, or you can click on the quick links above.


Frame and Panel

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A selection of metal metering frames with insulated switch panel complying with AS1795. Available in varying sizes from 375h x 215w up to 900h x 610w, either with plain panels or pre-drilled as required. Additionally there is the option to include service fuse holder(s) and/or metering neutral link.


Panel Only

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Panel Only options include the same configurations as for the Frame and Panel options, but are as the name suggests, panel only without the frame.

Also available are custom size/configuration panels for unique requirements, These can be found in our Services section, or feel free to contact us if you have an unsual project, or something that is no listed.


External Group Metering

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A versatile, tier based enclosure system that with an array of 'off the shelf' accessories provides a fast solution for most external metering requirements.

Free standing with an IP55 rating, it provides solutions for weather proof Group Metering, Current Transformer (CT) metering or any other application that needs a robust enclosure.


Internal Group Metering

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Intended specifically for internal Group Metering, this clever design allows for a range of configurations that can be quickly constructed from a small number of components.

Its versatility makes it suitable for both small and large projects where multiple metering is located in a plant room or utility/services cupboard and where there is no public access.


Current Transformer (CT) Metering

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To complement our existing Frame & Panels pre-drilled specfically for CT metering, Electrical Meter Frames have released 200A & 400A CT chassis options to go with our standalone CT Metering cubicle.


Conduit Covers

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Surface mounted Conduit Covers (Wall Guards) are available in the standard sizes including larger ones up 165mm wide.

Manufactured from galvanised sheet steel they provide a robust and aesthetically pleasing finish.


T-Off Boxes

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New to Electrical Meter Frames, T-off boxes are now available to complement the Internal Group Metering product where access to the mains risers on large apartment projects is required.


Combined Switchboard and Meter Frame

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As an extension of the Frame and Panel options, Electrical Meter Frames also have available 18 pole capacity, standalone switchboards and combined switchboard/meter frames.