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T-Off Box


To complement our Internal Group Metering options, or other applications where it is necessary to access mains risers on multi-level projects, Electrical Meter Frames are able to provide a variety of T-Off Box options.



    Also available with breakers


  • 1.5mm Zincseal with welded corners to provide a robust enclosure
  • Fuse cartridges can be accessed without affecting authority sealed cable section
  • Line Taps included; simply remove a section of insulation to expose conductor, Line Taps are then clamped in place with stud take-off for line side connection of fuse or breaker (cable must ne stranded copper with PVC insulation
  • Riser entry/exit holes are factory prepared to your specifications ensuring accuracy and improved finish, and avoiding costly mistakes when required to prepare onsite
  • End of riser (single entry) enclosures available